Thursday, 18 September 2008

I Baked my First CD

6 years ago a really huge thing happened in my life. It felt like a crossroads and looking back now, it most certainly was.
My best friend and business partner, Susanna, decided to leave the biz and go back to school. I was 25 years old and suddenly faced with a huge decision to make; 'Do I want to run this business by myself? Do I want to make business my career?'.
I was in panic mode all day - I googled other Cookie Business Owners and looked at their pictures saying to myself "But that's not me! I don't want to be that". My stomach was all knotted up.

That evening I had to pick my friend up from the airport, my dad and I drove together. He listened patiently to all my woes and fears and concerns.
"But dad! you know I've always wanted to be a writer and a singer, I don't want to get trapped in business!!"
He calmly replied "you would be foolish to sell your business. It is successful, and it supports you. The key is to make your business a vehicle for you to be able to do what you want to do. Would you rather be a starving artist?"

Well. I am so pleased to announce the launch of my first album: Come Fall.
Recorded in part at New Moon Kitchen, 2 1/2 years in production, with New Moon's support all the way.
We're celebrating with a huge CD release party at the Gladstone Hotel on Sept 30.

Dad - you would be proud.

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