Monday, 8 September 2008

Cookies Under Fire!

For those of you who are interested - I wanted to put up a post about some things that have been going on via the web last week.
I blogged about this a few days ago - but just incase there is anyone out there who saw the story and wants some answers - here is the story.
for those who want the history - go to:

long story short:
what came under fire about our dear little cookies was that the chocolate chips we used had refined sugar in them (and that refined sugar uses animal bone char in them) and also vanillin.
We did some research and got official statements from our supplier that there was no animal bone char in the sugar - and no petrochemical in the vanillin.

we were also accused of "hiding" the ingredients in our cookies.
This issue is more relevant, I think, than the other accusations and I feel deserves an explanation to anyone who is curious as to why the ingredients of the chips are not on the bags.
When we designed our packaging in 2004 - the labeeling laws were less stringent in Canada. Especially for companies making under $1 million in revenue annually.
Since then Canada has changed its laws - unfortunately, we still had many many thousands of bags to use up.

I do apologize if anyone feels undersold by this - the

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