Sunday, 31 August 2008

You Can't Please 'Em All...

So this funny thing happened today that has inspired me to do some blogging.  And wow, it HAS been awhile.
One of my fabulous "baker babes" has been reading up on some blogs related to food & vegetarianism etc... She ended up sending a gift package to a Blogger out in California to pitch a company write-up.

Well, the plan kind of backfired because the Blogger decided to write some pretty slanderous things about our company! wow. got me all fired up.
This blogger is a vegan and was very upset with our choice of Chocolate Chips because they contain Refined Sugar and vanillin.
So I am reading this blog which is very "bold" (let's say) and ooooh - I am getting all fired up because well, New Moon is my baby!! and who does this person think they are and blah blah blah.
I had to take a deep breath and have a little think about how to respond. So many things flooded into my mind in response to the "chocolate chip attack".
Yes, we use a chocolate chip that contains refined sugar, but it is the best quality chip we could find that is dairy free, nut & peanut free, and Kosher Parve. 
If anyone out there knows of a manufacturer that is all those things + 100% vegan - shoot me an email.
It really got me thinking about how difficult it can be to please everyone. We are in the process of creating a gluten-free cookie and man, trying to make a YUMMY gluten-free cookie without dairy, eggs or nuts is HARD. but we're getting there...
At the end of the day - we are about making a quality product. We are about creating a great company, promoting goodness, and having a blast as we climb the cookie ladder.
And yes - there will probably be many people who don't agree with some of what we do, or who don't like our cookies, or who think "baker babe approved" is a silly thing to put on a bag of cookies.

oh well. you can't please 'em all. 
but at least my Nephew Elliot likes 'em (see major cuteness above). 

xo bb

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