Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Planting Seeds

A girl like me is always looking for inspiration. It's part of my job. I have to look forward, think ahead, dream into the future. All that good stuff.
New Moon had a stupendous weekend at the Green Living Show. We sold out of cookies and I had to drive up to the bakery and steal our back-stock just to keep the customers happy! The coolest thing (for me) was the fact that all the Mooner staff ran the booth with me. I felt so proud to have such awesome, enthusiastic people working with me and making New Moon grow. 
Part of my plan for the weekend was to leave the show in the Mooners' hands on the last day and drive to Chicago with my best friend (Shoshanna - you all may remember her, she's in the New Moon archives. The co-founder!).  
The pull to Chicago was for the Global Food & Style Fancy Food Show. I'd read up about the show and wanted to see it for myself.
I loaded up my little car with cookies, plenty of mix CD's and we hit the open road to Chi-Town.
The show itself is a whole other blog post in itself - but man, there were at least 1000 vendors all selling their "latest and greatest" products. Samples were flying left, right and center. There are only so many cheese sticks and chocolate covered Goji berries a girl can eat...
As I wandered the aisles of that massive show I felt so clear in my direction. It reminded me of my dream to take New Moon across the nation and into the states. Spread the love, as it were.
And it wasn't that the show was inspiring per se - in fact, there was so much crap food in there it could have been enough to scare me out of the food industry. It was the pure feeling of knowing that I can do what I dream to do, and that I have an amazing product to offer people - in good consciense!! 
Highlight of the show was over-hearing a conversation that a buyer for a very big (health food!) supermarket chain was in the aisle behind me. I grabbed my wheeled-suitcase full of cookies and chased him down.
"Can I give you some cookies?" I offered, out of breath.
He accepted, checked out the package and told me which distributor to get. Then he gave me his card. I know it's a small thing - but I planted a seed. And I was just flying after that!
That's how we dream the future, right?

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to leave a note to say thanks for your delicious cookies! I live up in Sudbury and so far haven't been able to find them up here, so when my mother said "Is there anything you want me to bring" before her last visit, I immediately said "Go to the whole foods store and find me some new moon kitchen cookies!"

She did, and I am happy.