Tuesday, 27 November 2007

It's Not All About Me...

Since the beginning of New Moon's time I have built up the "personability" of the business. I have made the business an extension of myself. I know all my clients personally, treat my staff like family, I put my own face on a bag of cookies. On another level, I work ridiculous hours because this business is "an extension of myself".
Lately I notice that my approach is limiting.
Here I am putting heart and soul into making this business grow, for the sheer desire of fulfilling a vision. And I'm trying to do it all myself - my marketing strategy is to "offer myself" and people will somehow know to buy New Moon cookies because I'm such a nice young lady.... ha ha.
Or - my clients will continue to purchase from New Moon because they know Eden. Or - my staff will work here forever because I'm a great boss... etc etc
So if I have to keep everyone and their mother happy all the time - how in the heck do I grow my business??
What I'm noticing is that the business itself - New Moon - is outgrowing this personality. it's much bigger than me, and furthermore it wants to do its own thing. I can only liken it to a teenager whose mother wants to go to a party with it. Not cool...

So New Moon is not me, and I am not New Moon. I'm just one element in its development.
What's the key then?? I now believe that in order to have a successful business that does not suck my life-blood from me, I must create a neutral container. Wait, it's coming.... A SYSTEM!

A system in which many can shine and excel - not just one. A system which allows New Moon to stand on its own and be marketed for its own excellence.
A system which does not rely on my round-the-clock presence for success.
Of course this is an ego battle - my ego has thrived on being so damn important in my business, it's given me self-worth.
But let's face it - it's sort of unhealthy to be co-dependent with a business...

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baker babe - je t'aime.