Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Girl and Her Bagels

I've been secretly (shhhh) reading Gwyneth Paltrow's blog. It's called goop and on it she posts all kinds of things for the modern girl to do. Like - spend thousands of dollars a night at the Ritz Carlton or buy a pair of Louboutins or go on a detox. I tried the detox - it was good :)
I can dream about her life, I guess, or I can live my own. How many cookies would I have to sell to spend a night at the Ritz Carlton in Paris? Many thousands...
But you know, reading her blog got me kind of inspired to start changing up my blogging. I LOVE traveling and dining out and doing cool things. Plus, I am extremely picky (don't you know that 'Baker Babe Approved' means: EVEN Eden likes it) so I figure my opinion is worth something.

So here it is - entry number one: A Girl and Her Bagels, or Eden's Business Trips to Montreal

I love Montreal. Love it love it love it. I used to dislike it strongly but that was when my ex lived there. Now it is my town. I had this dream for years to sell the cookies in Montreal but was so afraid of the language barrier and the french labelling guidelines that I put it off. Last August I decided to just go for it, french or no french.
Since then I have opened a dozen accounts through the city - with the most lovely retailers - and I have gone to visit and to my sales work there a few times since. 
When I travel I am all about finding the best and making a city a ritual for myself.
Here is a slice of life in Montreal for Baker Babe.

I've stayed in a few B&B's, but just recently found my favorite! Casa Bianca, which is right across from the mountain and close to everything. Coffee at Cafe Sociale or Olympico in the Mile End district. If you are a soup lover like me and find soup the perfect lunch then you MUST go to Soup Soupe. Do some shopping on St. Denis and be sure to treat yourself at Bella Pella. If you're looking for a bigger treat go to M0851 for amazing montreal-made goods.
Dinner at Maiko, the Continental, or Chez L'Epicier (my new fave), polished off with a long walk to burn off the calories.

Then just do your people watching. Montreal is the secret affair of anyone from Toronto. It's dirtier, grittier, more romantic, and chock full of incredible desserts. Please don't forget to eat chocolate eclairs. It's a must.
xo BB


java mama said...

i recognize that bagel in the photo
one of the dozens had 11
you rock

Baker Babe said...

ha ha! I thought it was from my bag. Oh well, I owe you a bagel. More reason to go back...

Anonymous said...

that totally sounds like the format i would use if i wrote a blog - i am a big fan of the style!! keep telling people like it is! cousin!