Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hello My Name is Eden and I'm a Businesswoman

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The other day someone introduced me as "a baker", i quickly corrected them with: "businesswoman".
It struck me afterwards - this moment of dichotomy in my little life. Obviously, I love baking - but I'm not a baker anymore. Baking got me where I am today - in this new and deserved seat of Entrepreneur.
It has taken me a long time to equate myself with business. Business has such stigma attached to it; dark suits, crisp ties, wheelings and dealings, clammy handshakes. And I just never wanted to be that! But I admit it - I love Business. I love the maneuvering, the problem solving, the multi-tasking, and the inevitable win of bringing a company to its next level.
People often ask the question, 'what gets you up in the morning?' and for me it's the prospect that every day is a day to make my business grow, to nurture it, discover it, navigate it. It's always exciting.

This is the nerdiness of the entrepreneur! I am letting you all in on my secret here. I'm a business nerd - but I don't wear a dark suit or crisp tie and I sure as hell hope my handshake isn't clammy.
We're all in business in some way or another; whether working for one or owning one. I think people get locked into believing that business is solely about the pursuit of money (which it may be for some). There's another side though - the awesomeness of being able to create something and watch it grow. This is a win far greater than anything else. True success comes from how you achieve something, not what you achieve.

Those are my deep thoughts for today.

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