Sunday, 26 August 2007

What Makes It All Worthwhile

Most of the time I am on the inside of my business: staring at a computer, looking at cookies, working with staff, answering the phone, running up and down stairs. But on the rare occasion I get to see what actually happens when the cookies make impact.
Last week my driver went on Holiday in the Dominican Republic so I became Delivery Girl for 10 days. I had a blast; driving around the city in Sadie (New Moon's big blue delivery truck), singing to the radio, and taking cookies to the masses. I got to talk to my clients, take a look at the displays, shake a lot of hands, and have a generally good time driving around. It was a break somehow, I was in the cookie delivery bubble where I didn't have to answer a phone or check email or do anything but get cookies from Point A to B.

Last Wednesday, I left Hamilton and headed for St. Catherines. It's a long stretch - 45 minutes on the QEW. I was tired, the day was getting on, and traffic is always a bummer.
So there I am zooming along with the radio on, and a car comes up in front of me. The passenger window rolls down and a guy starts waving to me. I wave back. And then he pulls two bags of New Moon cookies from the car and starts waving them out the window, then he gives me an exuberant thumbs up and we honk back and forth.
I'm quite sure I was grinning for three hours. Because really, at the end of the day, this is what it's all about. And there's nothing like a magic moment...

So whoever that was in that car with those cookies - thankyou! You made my day. I hope the cookies made yours.

xo Baker Babe

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