Friday, 18 March 2011

Welcome Home

Spring is here. Really, actually here. Sure, we'll have some colder, wetter days until things really start rolling, but I am just thrilled that the sun is shining. Have stroller, will travel.
As the weather settles, and life starts to fizz down into a nice, welcomed normalcy, I figure it's time to share one of many gold nuggets I have found during the deep sea dive into my postpartum psyche.
See folks, I've always been a dreamer. I really thought I could be Olivia Newton-John. I thought I could be Annie. I'm a master fantasizer (sounds like an 80's instrument), and always have been.
And although my husband wouldn't necessarily want to admit it, he's a dreamer just the same.
So there I was, big dreams big dreams - dreams so delicious they were worth thinking about all the time. The operative word there is think.
So then this thing happens - baby comes. And baby, with his earthly needs, brings everything into a whole new place: reality.
At first I was under the impression that I'd have to let everything go - all those golden, sparky dreams I'd acquired - but now I feel that what is actually happening is bigger, better, and more real. I could have sat forever thinking about making a dream become, but now there is no other choice but to refine the meaning of those desires and choose them from a new place, with new energy.
I want to teach my boy how to dream and actualize, and to go for his true heart's desires with the confidence that he has the tools to achieve them - whatever they may be.
But first, it's time for me to take a good look at what my dream really is - in reality. And please don't get me wrong here - although reality can seem like a bummer when you're a consummate dreamer, it's actually the place where things happen.

As Little Orphan Annie would sing, "I think I'm gonna like it heeeere!"
xo bb


java mama said...

bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun........
just thinkin about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrows till there's none...........
tomorrow tomorrow i luv ya tomorrow
you're only a day awaaaaayyyyyy

Dara Azimov said...

Recent comment from a teacher:
"We live here, in third plane. You can be incredible at dreaming and making things happen 'up there' but not create anything 'down here'. Unless you can bring them down and materialize them here, where you live, in your body, you're not going to create the life you want." We came from spirit into substance in order to live the experience of being in a physical body, which means making things happen for us 'down here'.

Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

Oh buddy. I think that's a really good point -- time time time...

My friend once told me that these sorts of things get better at a frustrating "two steps forward one step back" rate.

Hang in there!

Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

um... nene is me. Sandy. :)