Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cookie Makeover

Well, we didn't makeover the cookies (because they are really good as they are) but we did give them a new wardrobe. New packaging! 100% recyclable cardboard boxes that stack well, hold the cookies well, and are super cute.
Let's face it - most of us are suckers for good packaging. If you haven't actually tried a product, wouldn't you say it's the packaging that makes you want to?
We have a loyal fan base of folks who know our cookies and have loved them for years, but I felt it was time to see who else we could persuade into cookie love.
In any case - if you go to your local store and don't see the old stuff - take a look around because the NEW stuff is waiting for you.
And as always, thanks for buying New Moon cookies. They keep a roof over my head.


Moon and Sparrow Sandy said...

Lofley! Of course the ONLY reason I buy anything is because of packaging. I have a closet full of unopened product I will never use simply because of the clever packaging. Yay!

Baker Babe said...

I have a closet full of packaging too. So weird. But you never know when that little, empty box will be a source of inspiration. Either that or I'm a packrat.