Friday, 1 January 2010

Healthy New Year!

Hey People!
It's 2010 and that means we just had a New Year thing happen, which means (if you're like me) you're probably thinking about resolutions and all that. I find New Year's resolutions a bit hokey because they never seem to work. We all start strong in January and then by February we are back into eating full bags of cookies in one sitting. I say 'we' in order to alleviate my guilt. I'll start referring to myself now, okay?
I've come to understand that the thing about making a positive change in my life is that it has to become part of my everyday routine in order to stick. And even then, it's hard not to fall off the wagon when life gets busy or chaotic.
My diet seems to be the thing that suffers most when life gets busy. And you know, since I am a Baker Babe and all - life WILL get busy (I kind of like it that way). So here we have two topics: New Year's resolutions and poor diet. By poor diet I mean - eating on the go, take-out, skipping meals, eating cookies instead of lunch (hey! it's all we have at the bakery!) etc...
So I've decided to conduct an experiment and a challenge for myself (and the husband, I might add) which is that I am going to cook all of my meals at home for one month straight (with the exception of three days in January because I'll be away - thought I would just share that with you.) I can eat home-cooked meals at friends' houses, and I can grab a coffee to go - but that's it. 
Because, let's face it, when I eat at home I am much healthier, I feel more balanced, and I've also saved a whack of cash. It requires planning. And organization. And people - I LOVE to cook, so let's not forget that inspiration is a requirement to making anything good actually happen.

Today was day one. New Year's Day - hilarious because everything was closed and we had no groceries in the house. Our first at-home meal was prepared by the Husband. Breakfast for dinner. A great way to start the year.
Scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes and shitake mushrooms. Asparagus with grated parmesan. A couple of mixed greens tossed on the side. 


Anonymous said...

Nice socks Brian!!

permfloat said...

Isn't this how Julie Powell got started...with a cooking resolution?? Lovely Eden, there's no telling where this might lead...